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Mary Beth & King of the Road RMI Post Time
Madison & Mr.Popper Pony Finals

   We believe our Show Bows will add the finishing touch to your                                   perfect round in the show ring.

Our Equestrian Show Bows are handmade with layers of ribbon that are designed with whimsical patterns. When we make our Show Bows we also add a lucky clover for you to find amongst all of the ribbon we use.

  My family and I have had the great pleasure of showing ponies & horses most of our lives. I have met so many wonderful people along the way, most of which are show judges and trainers. I used their knowledge & the traditional equestrian style to design the Show Bows you see today. This also let me explore and create most of the grosgrain ribbon and the Show Belts we offer to the public.

  In 2006 I made my daughter her first set of Show Bows. I made them for her first short stirrup class. I was surprised to hear so many compliments on the bows she was wearing that day. I decided to make a few sets of show bows for a few of her barn friends to wear. After that I had so many request to make more bows I decided to bring some extra sets of show bows to local Horse Show we attended. I had the Show Bows at the Show office and they sold out that morning for the lead line class. I made more Show Bows that evening for the pony classes and again they sold out. That's when I decided to sell them as a small business. My mom was an oil painter, flower arrangement designer and a crafter. I feel I have inherited her love for creating & designing, I just use it to make the show bows.  

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